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The LU600 field unit has set the standard for portable video transmission, providing excellent video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.

High video quality
The LU600 delivers superior 1080/4K video quality with two available configurations: HD and 4K-HDMI. The unit bonds up to 12 x IP connections (cellular, WiFi and LAN), offering fast file transfer (60Mbps) and ultra-low delay of minimum 0.4 sec.

Leverage the benefits of HEVC
Using the LU600 HEVC, broadcasters can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth or offering greatly improved video quality wherever original H.264 bitrate is maintained.

Dual-purpose local/roaming unit
The LU600 includes dual SIM support, simplifying pre-paid SIM card management and allowing you to turn your unit into a dual-purpose local/roaming unit.

Go live anytime, anywhere
Supporting ‘Live & Store’ mode, the LU600 allows you to go live under any network conditions while simultaneously recording locally a high-quality file of the live video. Files can be sent later, if needed, to any LiveU server.
  • Live transmission using adaptive bitrate over cellular
  • Live session is always recorded locally at the highest quality
User-friendly, ergonomic backpack design with extra power
The LU600 unit comes in a specially designed smart backpack, with improved usability, remote control functionality and easy access to display, controls and interfaces. The robust unit includes a 5” LCD with a highly responsive capacitive touchscreen and ultra-low power consumption (4 hours of battery time).

High-speed internet on-the-go
The LU600 can work in "DataBridge" mode, offering wireless high-speed broadband on-the-go. This allows you to boost connectivity and productivity, leveraging multiple networks, including cellular, WiFi and Ethernet, for generic internet connectivity in the field.

Rich remote production tools
Make your production more efficient with our remote production tools, seamlessly integrated with the LU600 to help you create the most professionally-produced live broadcasts.

Tally Light
Ensure professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere. LiveU’s Tally Light allows field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they’re live on air.

Video Return
See what’s currently on-air. LiveU Video Return enables field crews to see current program feeds and/or receive teleprompting information during live sessions.

Audio Connect
LiveU Audio Connect offers high-quality and reliable cloud-based audio solutions, enabling news anchors and producers in the station to communicate easily with camera operators and talents in the field.

IP Pipe
LiveU IP Pipe lets you gain remote control over a wide variety of network-based equipment, including robotic and PTZ cameras, Camera Control Units (CCUs), and IP-based intercom. As a result, the solution allows you to enhance your remote production set-up and reduce costs.

  • Unit
  • LU600 Power adapter 
  • LU600 backpack
  • Remote control
  • SDI Cable pigtail 240mm
  • HDMI Cable pigtail 250mm
  • uHDMI Cable HDMI-A-F 250mm
  • SDI Cable 2.2m